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Tamiya 1:48 P-51K Mustang

This is the tenth build in my Mustang series. This build represents Donna-mite, a P-51K flown by Lt. Leroy Pletz of the 353rd Fighter Group 352nd Fighter Squadron of the 8th AAF. The aircraft carried the code SX-M(bar) and was serial number 44-11624. The P-51K was essentially the same as the P-51D, but due to shortages of the Hamilton-Standard propellor, was fitted with an Aeroproducts item. The P-51K also had a slightly different profile to the canopy.

The Build

Model: P-51K
Serial number: 44-11624
Nickname: Donna-mite
Pilot: Leroy O. Pletz

Kit: Tamiya 1:48 P-51D Mustang

In addition to the kit, I also plan to use the following aftermarket parts:

  • True Details 48453 P-51D Cockpit set
  • UltraCast 48009 P-51D Mustang Detailed Exhausts
  • UltraCast 48139 P-51 Mustang Corrected & Detailed Flaps
  • UltraCast 48138 P-51 Mustang Aeroproducts 4-Blade Propeller and Spinner
  • UltraCast 48132 Mustang Wheels, Diamond Tread
  • Scale Aircraft Conversions 48142 Mustang landing gear
  • Master Models AM-48-139 P-51D Mustang Armament and Gunsight Detail Set
  • Eagle Strike Productions 48103 Slybirds: The 353 F.G. Mustang decals

(1) I’m just about ready to close up the fuselage. All of the interior bits are installed or ready to be installed. The True Details sidewalls have been painted and weathered with a wash of black oil paint.

(2) I added a little extra detail to the True Details cockpit floor. Probably the biggest was an instrument panel from an A.M.U.R. Reaver detail set.

(3) I really love the True Details seat.

(4) The fuselage has been closed up and clamped. Time to walk away and let the cement set up.

(5) The wings and horizontal stabilizers are on and I’ve been working on cleaning up the seams.

(6) The whole airframe received a coat of Alclad Black Primer. Any remaining issues with seams were cleaned up and the primer was touched up. The control surfaces got a coat of Alclad SemiMatte Aluminum. When that was dry, the wings were painted with Mr. Color Super Silver. On the fuselage, the area around the exhuasts received a mix of Alclad Magnesium and Aluminum. When that was dry, all of the painted surfaces, along with a few random panels, were masked and everything else was painted with Alclad Aluminum. When that was dry, the random panels got a coat of Alclad Dark Aluminum and then those and the exhaust panels got a light overcoat of Aluminum to tone down the contrast.

(7) The Eagle Strike decals have been a joy to work with. Donna-mite is starting to look like a Mustang.

(8) My model of Donna-mite is complete. The droptanks are from Eduard and are painted with Alclad Semi-Matte Aluminum.

(9) Straight-on side view. The nav light was colored using Tamiya’s Clear Red.

(10) I think I got the rear-view mirror atop the canopy on right, but the Tamiya instructions do not mention it at all.

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